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Solutions Law Group LLC.

Solutions Law Group LLC hosts periodic, free estate planning seminars to help educate the public. These talks can help set you on the path to creating legacy solutions that protect you and your assets and help provide for your loved ones. For a look inside one of our past events, click on the “SLG SNEAK PEAK VIDEO” below.


Come and learn the following:

  • advantages and disadvantages of wills, living trusts, and durable powers of attorney
  • eligibility to use Medicaid to pay nursing home expenses – with privately paid costs averaging an annual $153,300 locally
  • why and how to avoid probate
  • nursing home costs and the five-year lookback period
  • how and why to start planning before you need long-term care
  • how to protect both your privacy and your estate if you become disabled (hint: not all powers of attorney are valid!)
  • safeguards for the spouse whose partner needs nursing home care
  • why putting property in a child’s name may be a mistake
  • how to make sure loved ones with special needs are provided for
  • how to potentially minimize state and local tax burdens

Attend to receive a voucher for a free, private consultation appointment with a Solutions Law Group LLC attorney.

Solutions Law Group LLC

Call Now To Uncover Your Personal Solutions
(617) 924-0300