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Elder Law

Solutions Law Group LLC probate lawyers practice in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas from our offices conveniently located in Burlington, Cambridge, and Dedham, Massachusetts. The firm provides Estate Planning SolutionsSM to assist clients in avoiding probate. Probate court practice involves many legal matters in addition to the probating of estates.

All too often, people fail to create effective estate plans or else improperly implement estate plans, making probate a requirement. Solutions Law Group LLC probate law attorneys provide assistance with probating estates and estate administration. The firm is also able to assist with other legal matters falling under the jurisdiction of the probate and family courts throughout the Commonwealth.

Solutions Law Group LLC probate attorney representation in probate court cases could include but is not limited to representation and assistance with the following types of cases:

  • probate of wills
  • settlement of estates
  • estate administration
  • preparing decedent’s final tax return
  • preparing estate tax returns
  • will contests
  • appointments of personal representatives (previously referred to as executors or administrators)
  • contesting appointment of a personal representative
  • appointment of a guardian
  • appointment of a conservator
  • appointment of a trustee
  • removal of a fiduciary, such as a guardian, conservator, trustee or other personal representative
  • enforcement of provisions of a will or trust
  • seeking appointment of a trustee of a trust without a named successor
Solutions Law Group LLC

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