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Despite the unpredictability of life, there are certain things everyone faces. As people often say, taxes and death are among them. The risk of being incapacitated is another. But unfortunately, incapacitation or death can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of age or physical condition.

Preparing for an untimely event that would cause incapacitation or death is imperative. Part of this includes handling as much of the legal aspects of this in advance as you can. Although it may be a hassle now, your family will more than likely appreciate your efforts in the future. Doing so will prevent them from spending considerable time and emotional energy navigating legal proceedings and paperwork. Instead, they will be able to dedicate their time and focus on your care if incapacitated or grieving your loss.

Creating a solid estate plan that considers all possible scenarios will ultimately give you and your family peace of mind and the assurance that your loved ones will receive the most of your life's work possible or your wishes will be honored if you are incapacitated. Failure to do so could mean you forfeit portions of your wealth and assets to the state in taxes and fees that would otherwise be distributed according to your instructions. Another possibility is that your loved ones will have to deal with probate, a legal ordeal that adds stress and distraction to what is truly important at such a critical time your family would have to undergo.

On the surface, estate planning is simply preparing legal documents that serve as instructions for distributing your assets after your death or managing them if incapacitated. This may seem complicated. In some ways, it is. An estate planning law firm can help considerably simplify things for you.

Solutions Law Group LLC is such an estate planning law firm. It is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, and serves Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Nancy Dowling leads the firm and has helped countless people in the area as their lawyer for preparing estate planning documents. Although estate planning is likely unfamiliar, complicated, and overwhelming, Solutions Law Group LLC simplifies things without compromising quality. Its estate planning attorneys create solutions tailored to your and your family's needs while guiding you through the process in understandable ways so you can feel at ease.

Solutions Law Group LLC's Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning services are designed to assist you in protecting your assets and loved ones in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, with a wide range of options. A few prevalent ones include:

Wills And Trusts

Our estate planning attorneys can remove the burden of creating a will or trust. We step in and create the exact plan you and your family need. We also plan for creditors who may want to chip into your wealth when we develop your plan or can draft a second will or trust if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to serve you and your family by protecting the wealth you have acquired throughout your life and ensuring it stays within your family.

Navigate Probate

Probate is essentially a court overseeing the distribution of a deceased person's assets and the payment of their debts. You may face probate if a loved one has passed away without proper estate planning. We navigate this expensive and time-consuming process at your side.

Powers Of Attorney

This is a legal document that gives another the authority to act on your behalf if you cannot make decisions for yourself. Our lawyers for preparing estate planning documents produce fully compliant documents that enable your wishes to be carried out if you are ever in this situation.

Healthcare Powers Of Attorney

Healthcare powers of attorney are similar to powers of attorney but are specific to medical decision-making. Setting this up with Solutions Law Group LLC ensures your wishes are documented and respected if there comes a time you cannot make decisions for yourself.

The Solutions Law Group LLC Difference

lawyer for preparing estate planning documents

Our estate planning attorneys draw from their experience in estate planning law and stay current to prepare compliant and precise documentation.

We strive to remain available to you and gain a thorough understanding of your concerns by taking the time to thoroughly listen to you. We are happy to address any questions you have, regardless of your familiarity with estate planning law. We firmly believe there are no stupid questions, particularly when dealing with the law.

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If you need an estate planning attorney in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Solutions Law Group LLC is your solution. Do not put it off. Take the first step towards securing your loved ones' future by initiating your estate planning today. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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