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Divorce Lawyers

Going through divorce can be a very challenging process and emotions usually run high. When your relationships with your children are threatened or your financial security is on the line, it can be difficult to think objectively and make the best legal choices for your situation.

At Solutions Law Group LLC in Cambridge Massachusetts on the borders of Arlington and Belmont, we represent both men and women throughout Massachusetts in divorce-related mediation and litigation. We are here to assist with all aspects of the marital dissolution process, including:

  • Child custody and visitation: We seek arrangements that allow both parents to maintain meaningful relationships with their children.
  • Property division: Our attorneys handle asset and debt division during divorce, including the division of retirement accounts, pensions, real estate and more.
  • Child support: We assist with calculating child support, enforcing payments and modifying the amount owed as circumstances change.
  • Alimony/spousal support: Our attorneys help negotiate alimony payments that allow the lesser-earning spouse to maintain a reasonable standard of living while becoming self-sufficient.
  • Fathers' rights: We frequently represent fathers who have concerns about seeing their children or having to pay support.

Taking An Interactive Approach With Our Clients

We are approachable and respectful of our clients' needs and concerns. To us, the legal process should always be interactive, a partnership between client and lawyer. We are here to offer counsel and pursue your objectives, not to impose our wills on you or force you to take a certain route. Our Cambridge divorce attorneys will offer their knowledgeable perspectives but the ultimate decision is up to you.

Negotiating A Divorce Settlement Or Taking The Case To Trial

Most people do not want to let a judge make the choice when it comes to parenting time arrangements or property division. We can help you negotiate a settlement that puts you in control. If negotiation is not possible, we will litigate fiercely but with integrity to advance your interests at trial.

Request an initial consultation by calling Solutions Law Group LLC at 617-924-0300 or send us an email. Our Cambridge office is handicapped accessible and close to the redline station at Alewife.

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