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6 Important Estate Planning Considerations – Part 1: Incapacity

  • By: Solutions Law Group LLC
  • Published: May 10, 2018
6 Important Estate Planning Considerations - Part 1: Incapacity

There are so many factors to consider in your estate plan. An experienced Estate Planning Attorney can help guide you through the process, but ultimately the decisions need to reflect your life and your values. In a six-part series, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Director of Education, Steve Hartnett, examines some of the things to consider when planning. This first blog in the series touches on the critical importance of considering what might happen if we suddenly or unexpectedly became incapacitated. Where this article references a “Healthcare Power of Attorney”, we in Massachusetts instead have what is called a “Healthcare Proxy” which our Founding Attorney, Nancy Marie Dowling, explains in a previous blog (click here to read). Though legal language can often vary by state according to statute, the principles for consideration are universal. CLICK HERE for Part One

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