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Will You Become a Loved One's Caregiver or Need Help Yourself? What to Talk About Before You Do.

Estate Planning_Will You Become a Caregiver.jpgMillions of Americans become caregivers for aging loved ones. Broaching sensitive, but vitally important topics can be difficult. Bring up care solutions for their golden years too early, and your loved one may not be ready to consider a time when they might need your help. Launch the discussion too late, and they may think you're trying to push them into a nursing home. Still, these conversations are critical.

Maybe you or your loved one needs help with household chores and maintenance. Or maybe it's help managing medical affairs or multiple medications. Perhaps it's time to talk about how long it is safe to keep driving. The important thing is to start the conversations when your loved one can still make well thought out decisions No one wants their choices made for them while still competent to do so themselves. Problem solving as a team often fosters the best outcomes, both practically and where relationships are concerned.

 Start by taking care of the basics before moving on to more detailed matters. Every adult should have a Healthcare Proxy - often referred to outside of Massachusetts as a Medical Power of Attorney (See Attorney Dowling's blog, "Who will make your medical decisions if you cannot? Guidelines for choosing a Healthcare Proxy".). Being minimally prepared also means having a Durable Power of Attorney in place should someone need to take care of your financial and legal matters. Being optimally prepared typically means having a comprehensive estate plan in place.

One way to get the ball rolling is to ask what your loved one hopes to pass along - not just finacially - but also in terms of sentimental items and personal values. It's something everyone should consider. We call that Legacy Wealth Planning - and it's what our Legacy Solutions are crafted to provide.

Solutions Law Group LLC offers periodic, complimentary Estate Planning Seminars to help educate the public regarding best practices for estate planning. If you would like to learn more, please CLICK HERE to visit our seminar page.

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