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THE A-B-C's of Medicaid Eligibility - Part 3: Liens & Estate Recovery

medicaid-education-health_resized.jpgThis is part three in our series on Medicaid Eligibility. Part one spelled out the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Part two looked at asset rules. Here we will discuss liens and estate recovery.

What's a 529 Plan and What Are the Benefits to Using One?

piggybank graduate .jpgYou may have seen commercials for them on television, or heard advertisements for them on the radio. But what exactly is a 529 Plan anyway? In short, it's an education savings account; but there are different types, and multiple benefits. There are also strict rules that need to be followed, which we will discuss in a future blog. For now, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Attorney Steve Hartnett, breaks down the basics in his latest blog. Click here to read on.

6 Important Estate Planning Considerations - Part 6: Taxes

taxes2.jpgThe following is the final installment of our American Academy of EState Planning Attorneys colleague, Steve Hartnett's 6 part series on important estate planning considerations. Here, Attorney Hartnett advises considering the tax implications when drafting your plan, outlining things for clients to consider for not just themselves - but also for potential beneficiaries. Click here to read more.

Does your college checklist include planning for emergencies? Here's why it should, and how we can help.

Thumbnail image for red-checklist.jpgIf you've got a child entering college, whether for the first time or not, chances are at least some of your summer is spent preparing your checklist of things to send them off with. It's often a hectic time, and it can be an emotional one as well. Making sure that checklist is comprehensive is key - and that includes planning for emergencies. If your child has turned 18, or will do so while away, you'll want to have a Healthcare Proxy and a Durable Power of Attorney in place. Doing so can make all the difference in the world in an emergency. Don't have those documents yet? Don't worry. Solutions Law Group LLC can take care of that for you - and we're offering a super-summer-savings.

6 Important Estate Planning Considerations - Part 5: Retirement Assets

Retirement-3.jpgMany people spend the bulk of their working lives planning for retirement - others get a later start. In either case, tax-favored vehicles such as IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement plans often comprise a large portion of their planning. In part 5 of a 6-part series on important estate planning considerations, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Attorney Steve Hartnett, discusses proper handling of these assets for estate planning purposes. CLICK HERE TO READ ON

Guidance From the Grave - How Much is Too Much?

old-blank-tombstone-2.jpgMany wills and trusts set forth conditions that must be met in order for beneficiaries to receive disbursements. While there are certainly cases in which this makes sense and is in the beneficiaries' best interest, there can also be instances in which the controls put in place hinder more than they help. We've likely all heard it said that the only constant in life is change. In this entry, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Attorney Steve Hartnett, lays out the ways that guidance from the grave can potentially be detrimental - and offers alternatives that ensure more practical planning to protect your beneficiaries while still preserving your values and the intent behind your bequests. Click here to read more.

6 Important Estate Planning Considerations - Part 4: Beneficiary Designations

beneficiary typewriter.jpgBeneficiary designations are meant to clearly define how assets are to be distributed upon the passing of the original asset holder. But there are potential pitfalls than can be encountered as one accumulates different kinds of assets over their lifetime. In this installment of his 6-part series on Estate Planning Considerations, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Attorney Steve Hartnett, examines some common snags that can occur, and how best to avoid them. Click HERE to read on

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