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Sometimes the "Little Things" Have Big Impacts

Estate Planning family Heirlooms.jpgWhile sentimental belongings and "heirlooms" may or may not have a large financial value, they are often priceless to loved ones. These are items that evoke memories that remind those we leave behind of shared values and history. In this blog, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague discusses how to ensure your "tangible property" is distributed according to your wishes. CLICK HERE for the full article.

How Do You Select Who Will Make Important Decisions When You Cannot?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Estate Planning Selecting an Agent.jpgHaving a Healthcare Proxy and a Power of Attorney in place to handle your affairs and medical needs is a critical part of estate planning. Choosing who will serve in those roles is just as important as the documents themselves.. In a previous blog, Attorney Dowling laid out some guidelines for choosing a Healthcare Proxy (often called a Healthcare Power of Attorney outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts). In the following bog, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys coleague explores some other factors to consider when choosing who will act as your agent. CLICK HERE to read more.

The Surprising Rewards of Caregiving

Estate Planning - CGRewards.jpgAs November came to a close, so did Caregiver Awareness Month - but we believe caregivers should be recognized every day! In previous blogs last month, we've taken a look at the number of Americans giving unpaid eldercare and the challenges they face. Though these hurdles are very real and often hard to overcome, caregiving can also be quite rewarding. It might just be the satisfaction of knowing your loved one is cared for with dignity. Or maybe it is the opportunity to "give back" to one who has spent your early years caring for you. Perhaps you just feel it is the "right thing to do" or feel you have no alternative. The things that motivate caregivers are as diverse as our population. In the following article, Care.com uncovers what they call: 10 Surprising Rewards of Caregiving. CLICK HERE to read more and let us know which of these rewards resonate with you.

Do You Know How a Trust is Taxed?

Estate-Taxes.jpgIf you're not an Estate Planning Attorney or a tax specialist, you may not know the ins and outs of how trusts are taxed. It's an important consideration in Estate Planning, and another of many good reasons to have an expert in your corner. This insightful blog breaks down the differences between "grantor trusts" and "nongrantor" trusts and the way they are taxed. Click Here for the basics


estate planning eldercare2.jpgWhile a significant part of Estate Planning is preparing for what your needs may be as you age or if you get sick, many of us fail to consider what the implications will be if one of our loved ones eventually need care. Alongside family strain and fatigue, often comes unexpected, and therefore unplanned for, financial, career, and emotional ramifications.

Being Thankful and Sharing Your Blessings

Estate Planning_thankful.jpgAmericans the nation over celebrated Thanksgiving last week, counting their blessings. It's a time for sharing stories and meals, and family traditions. In his "Being Thankful and Sharing Your Blessings" blog, our American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys colleague, Steve Hartnett, looks at ways to share your financial blessings as well - without a big tax bill. CLICK HERE for the skinny.

Caregiver Awareness Month Spotlight: Unpaid Eldercare

eldercare photo.jpegNovember is Caregiver awareness month here in the United States. In today's blog we're focusing on unpaid, or informal eldercare - unpaid caregivers (be they spouses, children, partners, neighbors or others) who provide assistance to elders with activities of daily living. This assistance can range from routine tasks such as meal preparation, assistance with shopping or medical appointment setting and transportation - to bathing, dressing and feeding. As you will see, there is a whole lot of responsibility being shouldered by millions.

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